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Pam Gatos, Kenny & GatosPam graduated from Boston College in 1977. She graduated from Vermont Law School magna cum laude in 2002 where she authored “Third Parent Adoptions in Lesbian and Gay Families” (26 Vt. L. Rev. 195 Note). She was an Honorary Member of the National Association of Women Lawyers in 2002.

Prior to attending law school, Pam worked in the social services field with children and families. This experience has been invaluable to her work in family court. After law school, Pam was an associate at Tepper Dardeck & Levins, LLP until 2007 when she became a partner at Tepper Dardeck Levins & Gatos, LLP. Pam and Michelle started Kenny & Gatos, LLP in 2014.

Pam raised her two daughters in Brandon, Vermont where she currently resides with her husband. In her spare time, Pam enjoys gardening, canoeing, hiking and spending time with her grandchildren.