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Testimonials about Kenny & Gatos Family Law“Pam, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help our family!! We never would have been able to get to this point if it wasn’t for you!”  — D.J.

“Michelle, I am so pleased with the outcome of this situation. We all feel like it is the most positive situation for my brother in the long run. Thank you so much for your intelligent, level-headed approach to a rather heated and flamboyant family drama. I wish you great success in all your cases. I know how lucky I am to have found you and your firm. It may not ever be completely “over”, in that recovery is a lifelong process, but now our healing can begin.”  — K.S.W.

“Thank YOU Michelle, I think you had the hardest job, and you did it very well.”  — M.M.

“Pam, there aren’t the words to thank you for doing it right, and well, and representing me with dignity.”  — C.H.

“Michelle, I just wanted to say thank you for today. I never thought things would work out in my favor with all of this. I would like to continue having you on board with me through the future with this situation. Thank you very much for all that you have done.”  — M.S.

“Michelle, thank you for wonderful revision…you’ve done a wonderful and masterful job!”  — K.S.

“Thank you so much Michelle. You have been such a positive influence through this entire horrific ordeal!”  — J.B.